Hey there, fellow four-leggers and Owners/Supporters !

As I am constantly getting a lot of glares and attention, from Dogs and Humans alike, wherever I go, I want to use this opportunity to shine some light on the question: “what is a Jackshund?” and about who I am and what I’m made of.

Snoop Doggy World -what is a jackshund?

As you surely already know, I am a 12 year old “Jackshund” which is short term for Jack Russell Terrier and Dachshund Mix.

The outcome of this mixture combines the best characteristics and features of both Jack Russells and Dachshund.

Both Breeds love hunting and are very sociable with humans and other animals at the same time.

Main Personality Features

that both JRTs and Dachshunds share are:

  • extreme cuteness
  • smart
  • intelligent
  • manipulative
  • playful
  • energetic
  • fast learning
  • very entertaining
  • loyal
  • sensitive
  • affectionate
  • child and family friendly
  • great Hunters

What does a Jackshund like to eat?

Fresh Raw Meat is my absolute favorite, but very hard to get, living in the city. Store bought Meat should be fried without or very little cooking oil, or boiled to avoid health issues. Pretty much the same as for humans.

Home cooked meals for Dogs are surely the best and healthiest for all Dogs and secure a long, happy and healthy life.

You can find some awesome delicious and healthy recipes for Dogs right (here).

Unfortunately most people aren’t able to spend that much time each and every day, preparing specialties for their Dogs, so canned and dry dog food are the solution for most.

Same as for Humans there are certain ingredients within foods that Dogs should avoid to eat.

All Dog Food is not good Dog Food

When buying dry or canned food for your Dog you should watch out for the chosen Food to be without additives such as colors and artificial flavors.

Unfortunately there are a great number of fake dog Foods and snacks out there that can even harm your dogs health after consuming it over a long period of time.

Read my Article with a detailed listing of Foods that are OK and Foods that should be avoided for dogs.

You can get my best recommendations for healthy and delicious, canned and dry Foods for Dogs within my Article on Topic here:(read here)

Jackshunds love to Play and Destroy

When it comes to playing, we just can’t get enough! Let me tell you: It’s hard to wear a Jack Russell out, even George Foreman said it. We got energy for days and can run and play all day if in the right Mood.

A Dog like me only stops playing for food or water,or maybe a big distraction like a loud noise.

My favorite hobby is destroying things and biting heads off of stuffed animals. I also love Tugging on a Rope or Stick and fetching Balls of all sizes.

Another great affection of mine are squeaky toys, they never last long but the fun I have silencing them,you can’t imagine.

Check out my selection of Balls, Chew Toys,Tug and Fetch Toys over here

Love to Sleep

After #eating  and #playing, #sleeping is another one of my favorite things to do. You might find me somewhere in the closet, under the bed or on the couch snoring peacefully and counting small eatable sheep in my sleep.

What is a Jackshund ? Snoop loves sleeping

      What is a Jackshund ? Snoop taking a nap

Jackshunds like me love Running, Hunting and Discovering

see for yourself…

Love to Travel

I have traveled many countries and spent a lot of time on the road and on Planes. Swimming in Oceans around the Globe Among others the following are my preferred way of transportation.

  • Car
  • Airplane
  • Train
  • Motorbike
  • Bicycle
  • Boat

You’d be surprised ,where a little Dog like me, have marked its territory around the World.If you’re interested in reading my personal life story and Snoopventures, you can get a snippet on my About Page.

Are you interested in taking your Dog on vacation with you? Here’s a detailed Article on how to take your Dog on a Plane with you and all you need to know about traveling with your Pet. You can also find a list of Dog friendly Airlines and their rules and regulations to allow your Dog on Board of the Aircraft.  My recommendations on Travel luggage for Dogs will also give you some nice ideas and save you time searching out a good Airline Approved Travel Bag online.

If you have any questions regarding Jackshunds or anything on my website , feel free to contact me via mail on : snoop@snoopdoggyworld.com  . I’ll make sure to respond as fast as possible.

Any Comments or Suggestions you might have can be left in the box below and I will reply to your request shortly.

I hope you enjoyed my Article and that it gave you a little insight into a life of a Jackshund .

much Love & Respect

Snoop Doggy


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