Are You struggling to find that special Gift, to surprise Your loved ones with?

Every Year the same Question, …what presents should I get for my Friends and Family?

It should be something nice and remember able, not just a thoughtless, random gift from the 7/11 around the corner.

You’ll want to gift something the recipient will enjoy and be happy about, for a very long time.

Surprise your loved ones

No Matter the Occasion; If it’s

  • Religious Holidays
  • Birthdays
  • Graduation
  • Baby Shower
  • Mothers Day
  • Fathers Day
  • Memorial
  • or any other Holiday:

What shows Love & Appreciation for someone more effectively, than a personalized everyday Product or Item?

Your beloved Pet, Girlfriend, Boyfriend, Mother or Father, favorite Car or basically anything you can think of and can get a picture of can be printed on tremendous varieties of Products.

A customized and unique Gift is always highly appreciated, gladly received and remembered.

You don’t want to hear questions about the receipt 😉  and your gifts being returned for Cash the next day?

Here’s Your Solution :

Customized Prints are very popular nowadays and are becoming more and more available to public on uncountable Items and Products.

Gift Something Special

It has never been this easy to create Your own beautiful and unique designs, without needing any design or layout skills.


If You are ordering from,- or shipping to Europe or UK, you can save a bundle by ordering from the UK or European Snoop Doggy Shop. If your order is placed in our Snoop Doggy Shop USA, items will be shipped from US and will be more expensive than sending from Europe to Europe Also shipping time will be much longer!

Here’s how it’s done:

  • Choose and pick Your desired Product in any desired color and size within Snoop Doggy Shop
  • Click on “Customize” (You’ll find it next to the shop categories on the shops Menu Tab)
  • Upload Your desired Image (if you wish to design a text only Item, just skip this step)
  • Add Text in various fonts, colors and sizes (if you wish to design an image only Item, skip this step)
  • Place your Image and/or Text on your chosen Item or Products printable area. (printable areas are marked)
  • Adjust Image or Text size as
  • Preview the finished product or Item
  • Approve if you’re happy with your creation and add to Cart – if not go back or start over if unhappy with the result
  • Continue Shopping or Checkout
  • Fill in Your details and shipping information in the required fields (if it’s a gift, you might want to send it straight to the recipient)
  • Redeem Your 15% OFF Coupon
  • Choose Payment and Shipping Method
  • Wait ecstatically for the Postman to come and deliver 🙂

Create Something Unique

Your Gift recipient will be so happy and thankful for this special Gift. Another nice side effect is that he or she will have to step his/her game up a notch, when time comes around and it’s your turn to receive something special again.

There are so many customize able Products to Choose from:

  • Apparel for Women, Men, Kids and even for Babies and Toddlers!
  • Hats & Caps
  • Bags
  • Backpacks
  • Coffee Mugs
  • Flasks
  • Thermal Flasks
  • Lunchboxes
  • Stickers
  • Bed Sheets & Pillow Cases
  • Towels
  • Canvas Prints
  • …and much more!


The Perfect Gift

All in all, this is the perfect gift if you want to make a difference and really want to show your appreciation for a loved one.

Create and Customize your perfect gift now (click here)

8 thoughts on “That Special Gift

  1. Hey Dog.
    I’m from a different time and place (NZ bush), where dogs work, hunt, guard and don’t get Christmas, Birthday or any sort of gift from Amazon! If they hold the pig for the knife, they get the liver, that’s their prezzies. I realize dogs like mine and dogs like yours are worlds’ apart but I love them all. Thanks for the insight into your Dog world. They say it’s a multi- million dollar business so all success to you.

  2. Hi,

    I totally agree with you customized gifts are very special, I still have the Coffee Mug which my wife gifted with a collage of our photos. For me its a great feeling, when I sip coffee from that mug, I tend to remember the cherish old memories and it feels really nice. For me it is like a ‘gratitude’ exercise every morning. This time I would surprise her by checking out Snoop Doggy. She loves dogs, so I am sure I cannot go wrong on this. Thanks for the information.

  3. What a great and personal idea for gifts! Some people are hard to shop for so this would be a nice idea. How long does it generally take to receive the gifts? Just to know how soon to order for the future. Thanks!

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