Hey there dog owners !  Here you’ll find all of my favorites from ” Snout to Paw ” !

       –   Your best friend will love it too !

Doggy Toys

Snoops’ selection of all my favorite Squeaky Toys,Stuffed Toys, and various Balls and Fetch Toys

Those Chuck-It Balls are nice and very long lasting but I really love the little stuffed animals below.

they won’t survive for long but I’ll have plenty of fun tearing them up and shred them into bits and pieces.

The Duck and the Sheep are my favorite tear up toys! I know Your Dog will enjoy the Kill as well…;)

I just love chasing and losing Tennis Balls in the Park. Sometimes I hide them somewhere and forget where I left them…better to stack up and get a bag full!

I love the blue Gator by the way, I couldn’t destroy him until now.
I’m waiting to catch him while he is asleep but he always sleeps with his eyes open;) He’s a tough one!


Doggy Basics

All the basic Doggy Accessories for your best friend..Collars, Harnesses, Leashes, Beds, Travel bags and stuff like that

i’m in love with the little Doggy Tent/Teepee and I’m still pushing for it on my Christmas Wishlist…

This is a great Doggy Case/Bag for Pet in Cabin traveling to far away destinations by Airplane with your Doggy

Doggy Snacks, Food and Diets

Snoops’ favorite Snacks & Treats for the Road

These are my absolute favorite Snacks, I’m totally crazy about these Vitakraft pure Duck Strips… Made in Germany

The link is going to take you to Amazon in your country and will show you the product in your language and currency

These are my all time favorites as you can see. They’re also available in pure Chicken and pure Beef but I just LOVE that DUCK


Healthy and delicious Dry and Fresh Foods

Amazing Recipes and Ideas on healthy Diets and helpful lose weight tips for dogs coming soon!

Doggy Fashion Picks

“Look at you ! , … turning heads on the streets, parks and sidewalks !”

My top fashion picks for your doggy ! Be it  summer, winter, water, weather or travel…here’s my recommendations for the cold season! you can check out my Christmas Outfits

Think your Dog doesn’t care for Football?! Think again 😉 these NFL,NHL & MLB Jerseys for dogs are just too cute ! They’re available in all sizes for all types of Dogs and for all major Teams. Just check them out, you’ll find more Jerseys for Dogs representing your #1Team.

Let your Doggy support it’s favorite Team !

Doggy Health & Hygiene

Shampoo, Nail Clippers, etc.

Doggy Books & Training Tips

As an Amazon Associate Snoop earns Snoopy Snacks from qualifying purchases

4 thoughts on “Snoops’ Favorites – All in One

  1. This indeed is a doggy’s world I found just about everything I would need to make my Nali happy. Been having a problem with the girls because she is always waiting for a chance she can get to tear up my shoes or take them somewhere I may never find them. I’m sure those toys will be real helpful especially if I can get one that can survive all the biting for quite a reasonable time and of course not forgetting how food always completes relationships I’ll want to try out those Duck treaties.

    1. Hey Donny, I’m sure Nali will go just as crazy for these Vitakraft Duck Strips, I just can’t get enough of them;)

      As for saving your shoes from further abductions, the Blue Crocodile or the yellow Gladiator are my #1 toys to recommend when it comes to fun and durability, I’m sure Nali would love the Blue Crocodile, it’s my favorite and it’s still alive. ,love & greetings Snoop

  2. Hey thank you very much for the awesome post!  I have a little jack russell and she needs some good toys, because she is a very energetic dog.  I like the little Gladiator toy!  I wonder if it would be a good toy for a jack russell.  It wouldn’t be too big would it?

    1. Hi Jessie, yes the Gladiator or the Blue Crocodile are perfect toys for Jack Russells. As you know we (Jack Russells) love destroying our toys, among other things.These are the few that don’t get boring but still last for a long time as they are very durable. I love the Blue Crocodile very much. greetings and I’m sure your Jack will love the Gladiator, please do let me know if you buy it;)

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