Welcome to my Snoop doggy World !

Hey People !  I’m Snoop Dog, an 11 year old female Jack Russell / Sausage dog Mix and mother of four grown children .

Here some pics of my my kids; the first one me, then my Girl Hedi with my three Boys Cashus, Carlos and Felix

I have a great sense of taste and love destroying all of my toys

I’ve gathered some of my favorite foods,fashion picks and toys for you here ! Snoop around and find amazing treats and gotta-gets for your beloved doggy.

I have traveled many Countries from Europe to East Africa and back. During my life I have survived and been into several car accidents, Fights with Cats, Dogs, Monkeys and other Animals, Police Raids and Pursuits,Dog-napping, etc.

I have slept at Airports, nice Hotels, on Airplanes, Trains even in Police Stations and Prisons at times. I’ve dined sitting at the table with humans in various Clubs, Bars and Restaurants, even Nightclubs!

Pirates Beach, Mombasa Kenya

I was kidnapped and rescued several times, got lost and found again a couple of times…two surgeries, one abortion.

I owned two Restaurants in different countries, drove all kinds of cars, bikes, boats and other vehicles. I claim and control territories in  Germany, Netherlands, UK, Spain  Ethiopia,  Kenya, Turkey and a couple more .

Humans love me wherever I go, Dogs either love me or fear me.

I play hard, sleep long …and do what the W?#F  I want …!

Its a Snoopy Dogs World !


Good food of course, chasing other animals, killing mice, lizards, frogs and small birds, destroying stuffed animals and all types and sizes of balls, riding bikes, playing and traveling with my crazy parents, sleeping,dancing, stealing other people hearts, food and seats.


most canned food ( check my review section), cats, dogs who think they’re bigger than me, anyone playing with my food or getting too close,

car rides, Police and Military, Balloons, waves, gunshots and fireworks

Make sure to check my favorite Doggy Products Reviews Page !

I hope my stories will inspire and entertain you, if you want to Read More about me you’re welcome to check out my Snoop Ventures and hopefully my Product Reviews will give you some useful advice and ideas for your own beloved doggy.

Enjoy ! All the best,

the original Snoop Dog

14 thoughts on “About Snoop Doggy World

  1. Cool selfies there, dog.
    I’ve had dogs all my life, for hunting and guarding. Had a JR; she was so brainy but had a bit too much Big Dog Mindset going on inside and ended up losing a fight to a boar, trying to help my Mastiff cross bring it down. I had a laugh to myself, thinking about my dogs who worked, hunted and guarded without ever getting anything off Amazon for Christmas!
    Thanks for the memories; without them, my family would have had to go buy anti-biotic injected, hormone infected, plastic wrapped counterfeit meat instead of the real stuff.
    Ok Dog. LOOK!!! Get the stick…..bahahaha..

  2. I can see you are mingling well in the human world @Snoopy dog, You have even found yourself a private space in the online world. I must say you are truly a legend!

    Anyways, you seem to be quite fun to be with, and because of that, I will definitely try to drop by some more time to get some tips and recommendation for my cute little pet as well.

    So, remain healthy and keep enjoying what you are doing. You have just got yourself a new fan!

    Winks* Winks*🤗😘 

    1. Thank you so much Tohin!
      I’m so glad to have you as a new Friend and Fan of my Page. I sure hope you and your Pet come by to visit me every now and then to stay updated on my various Tips and Reviews! Wishing you a great Day! Keep in touch!

  3. Hey Snoopy,

    I’m pretty sure my dog Arnie is going to be a big fan of hearing about your adventures. He’s only been to the US so far but there are plans for him to go to other parts of Europe & East Asia, so will be great to hear some suggestions in terms of foods and generally living abroad.

    1. Hi Nate and Arnie!
      I can only Recommend it! Traveling the World is always a great experience for dog or human. I’ve never been to the US so far, but who knows,right;)
      I’ll gladly share my favorite recipes and other useful tips with Arnie and you, thank you so much for stopping by! Stay in Touch! Woof!

  4. Aww Snoop Dog and Shiro (my husky) share the same characteristics!! He destroys all his toys and gets possessive about them too even though they are broken. In the beginning, I used to just threw it them away in the trash can and he would retrieve it. Now I just tied them in a bag and threw the trash out, he would still frantically looking for them lol.

    Omg how did Snoop Dog fight with the monkey? They are vicious and they fight in pack! I am sure Snoop Dog is ok but still! I love Snoop Dog already, cannot wait what Snoop Dog will recommend. 

    1. Hehe Shiro actually seems to share my attitude! I’m so happy to have you and Shiro as new friends!
      The fight with the Monkey took place in Dire Dawa in Ethiopia and I caught him alone and tied to a tree;) that made it somewhat easier!
      …maybe I’ll write a blog about my journey to East Africa sometime.
      Thank you so much for stopping by,have a great weekend and stay in touch.Woof,Woof!

  5. The dog is so CUTE! I would love to see a pic of your dog riding a bike lol. 

    It sounds like Snoop has lead an exciting life! He seems to enjoy the same thing my dog does! I need to check out reviews for some long lasting toys because my puppy destroys all of hers.

  6. I absolutely love this!  I can feel the energy of the jack russell in this post!  I have a jack russell mix, and she is all over the place!  I will be checking this site out for sure, especially since I never knew that many dogs did not like canned food!  I agree that little jack russells like to tear up stuffed animals too!

    1. Thank you Jessie! Make sure to check in every now and then to get some awesome recipes and ideas for doggy food! Of course you are welcome to Subscribe to my Newsletter to receive every new Post and Product Review in your inbox! Have great day!

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