So here we go with my first live Product Review of my new Knitted Reindeer Sweater which one of my human friends bought for me on Amazon. This Sweater is one of my top favorites of all the Cute Christmas Outfits for Dogs I recommended before

My first Knitted Reindeer Sweater

When I first got this sweater I was very excited and couldn’t wait to try it on and wear it outside, for all dogs and humans to see and admire 😉

Check Sizes carefully when ordering your Doggy Clothes Online

Unfortunately it was way too small for me, I couldn’t fit in it at all. My friend had even ordered two sizes, Small (8) and Large (10) because he wasn’t sure about it. Both of them were too small for me. And I’m just over 12 pounds.

I loved the Quality and design and we sent both of them back and ordered XXL (14). To my surprise it fit me perfectly like a body suit.                                      Kind of tight, but it’s alright!

Wow! Where did you get that?

Soon as I turned the first corner outside the house, I already received a first compliment by another Jack Russell Terrier who is clearly into me anyway and always starts sniffing me euphorically whenever he sees me outside.”Wooow! ..where did you get that beautiful sweater?” he asked, I smiled and told him to check my website 😉 Completing my usual Patrol through the hood and  strolling around my territory,  I received a bunch of compliments and envious glares from all kinds of dogs and owners, so to cut it short,  it was a good day.

This must be the very first time in my life that I get to wear 2XL anything but it suits my personality just perfect.

I have received plenty of positive feedback on my brand new knitted Reindeer sweater, so I decided to write this quick Review for you guys so you know what you’ll get when ordering this for your beloved doggy. Make sure you check the size chart carefully and if necessary measure the neck of your dog to avoid having to send your order back for a change of size.

Very Fast Delivery

The Delivery however was very fast within 36 hours after clicking the buy now button, so no complaints there.

This sweater doesn’t just look cute, it’s actually very warm and comfortable. That much that I don’t even want to take it off sometimes, and just go straight to sleep in it, when getting home.

I really love It

I would definitely recommend this sweater for any dog or even cat, who wants to stay nice and warm during cold season and get a bunch of compliments for looking so adorable and cute in it… and who knows?,…you might even get lucky and score some extra snacks and treats wearing it as well;)

Below you’ll see me testing the sweater in rough terrain and bushes and wilderness. while munching on some leaves and grass

Remember my little yellow Raincoat for dogs that I wanted to buy? It would match this Sweater perfectly if it’s not just cold but also snowing or raining outside.

If you have any questions about this sweater or my other recommended Doggy Products, feel free to leave your comment or question below and I’ll make sure to answer you in Whiff, Woof! Wooof!

13 thoughts on “My New Reindeer Sweater

  1. Great post here and I reuly ancy very bit of information tat can make this event worthy. Thanks so much for sharing here. owever, I feel tht the best ways iast is to get a very good presented. Thanks. Also, I feel that it i paramount to get the matter of the DJ rightly. Thanks 

  2. Hi Snoop, nice Sweater!! I really like the way you wrote your page, Too bad that first ones your human friend ordered didn’t fit you, at least the sellers were kind enough to send you another one. It looks great on you, I hope you enjoy it!!!

    Were there other colors or desings?, I have a cat named Sade, who probably would fit in an S size, it is starting to get cold here in Spain and we need some Christmas spirit at home.

    1. Hola Manuel! Si, you can get it also for cats and many different colors and variations, watch out for the right sizes as they seem to be very small, rather go for a extra large,mine is 2XL now and I’M small;) You can get to Amazon in spain by just clicking on one of the pictures . You will be redirected automatically, Thank you and buenas noches

  3. Ooh, I love that reindeer sweater! it looks so cute and adorable! Is it also available on Amazon? 

    I once rescued a Pit Bull and found him a home, he ended up in a beautiful loving home and he is the happiest dog ever. His fur mommy buys him sweaters and I swear that I saw a photo of him with a reindeer sweater, it looked much like this one. Maybe it’s the same 🙂 

    1. Yes this, sweater is from amazon, you can get there by clicking one of the product pictures it will take you straight to your local Amazon! greetings,Snoop

  4. With Christmas around the corner I have been in the market for a Cute Christmas Dog Outfits for my Bulldog Ginger.  This Reindeer sweater looks absolutely adorable.  She will match me beautifully when we head to our neighborhoods huge holiday block party as the theme is Christmas Sweaters.  Thanks for helping me find something super cute and unique for my Ginger. 

    1. Just make sure you get the size right because I’m wearing a 2XL right now and it’s still tight, you probably want to look for 5XL or even 6XL , just to let you know, Happy Holidays and greetings to Ginger! Woof Wooof!

  5. Well, I do not have any problem with this wears unless the fact that the product is awesome and top notch. Definitely something I would look forward to getting for my dog. However, if this is possible, I would love to get one of this reindeer sweater for my dog as it is in the winter here already. Thanks

    1. Hi, If you want to buy the sweater just click on the image and it will redirect you to Amazon of your country and the product,greetings, ps, watch out for the right size , since they are very small!

  6. Thanks for this post on dog wears, I have a small puppy that always gets cold most especially early in the morning when we are going for a walk , and sometimes I would not have a choice than to  go back home, am so happy for seeing this post because i can really get her size of sweater and this will really save her life.thanks

    1. Hi Rose, I’m glad you are thinking of getting this nice warm sweater for your puppy! He or She will love it for sure, I know I do!greetings,Snoop

  7. I love reading your post. Thank you so much for sharing your feelings. Many people love to associate with a dog-loving animal. Like me, you are inspired by what you say about dog food and what you say about dog clothing.Keep reading your post and I hope to find more posts like this

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