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Dogs on a Plane – Traveling with Your Pet and how to take a dog on a plane.

Have You been thinking about taking Your beloved Doggy with you on vacations? Here’s a basic guide on how to take a Dog on a Plane and the best Airlines,Prices and all their requirements for taking your Pet in Cabin with you!

Dogs on a Plane                                  Snoop Doggy on a Plane

Sounds like a Movie Title, right?

Well, it’s not. Or not yet at least… I’m working on it. 😉 I’ve been travelling quite a lot with my Humans and boarded big Planes and went skinny dippin’ in  international waters, more than twice 😉

I’m known for catching short flights from Frankfurt, Germany to Valencia, Spain every now and then using Lufthansa. So if your question was: “Can I take my Dog on a Plane?”                                                                                                                                                  My reply is: “Yes you Can!”

Got Your international Pet Passport?

Usually you Can get it from your Vet very easy.  A microchip will be implanted in your Dogs neck!

Make sure all your vaccines are good too!

Traveling with Your Pet

Luckily there are some Pet supportive Airlines which make it possible to take your Doggy along for the Trip.

There are some Rules and Regulations for carrying Your Pet on a Plane:

The following is an exempt from Lufthansa.com and is the basic Rule for all Airlines listed below:

All the regulations mentioned here apply exclusively to flights operated by Lufthansa. On code-share flights, please therefore make sure that you check the regulations of the airline operating the flight concerned. If you are travelling with several airlines, please ensure you have confirmation from all the airlines concerned that they will transport your pet.

Please do double check with Your Airline before Booking as Rules will vary with certain destinations and Airlines.

Pet in Cabin Supporting Airlines

These are my personal Top three Airlines, whom I was very happy to fly with in Cabin.

The beautiful Hostesses loved me and took care of me very well throughout all of my flights.

These three are the ones I’ve had great experiences flying with:

1. Lufthansa


Prices for transporting animals as additional carry-on baggage in the cabin (3)

Maximum size and maximum weight Maximum container size: 55 x 40 x 23 cm / 22 x 16 x 9 inches

Maximum overall weight (= container + animal): 8 kg

Domestic routes (Germany) (4) EUR 50
USD 57
Routes within Europe (4) EUR 60
USD 69
North Africa, Central Asia and countries on the eastern Mediterranean coast (4) EUR 80
USD 92
Short intercontinental routes (4) EUR 90
USD 103
Medium intercontinental routes (4) EUR 100
USD 115
CAD 150
Long intercontinental routes (4) EUR 110
USD 126
CAD 165
Routes to/from Japan EUR 70
USD 100
CAD 100

You’ll find the other Price Tables for Lufthansa here  Prices for carrying Pets in Cabin


2. Turkish Airlines


Would you like to travel in comfort and safety with your pets? For an additional fee to be paid at the airport, you can enjoy your flight with your little companions without worrying about their safety. Share all the excitement of discovering new destinations with them.

You can travel together with your pet by paying the pet transportation fee applicable for your route. For more information, see the pet transportation fees tables.

Accepting pets onto the aircraft

In order to transport a live animal in cabin or aircraft hold, the reservation must be made and confirmed no later than 6 hours before flight departure time.Note that in accordance with aircraft type there is a capacity limit on the number of animals that can be carried per aircraft. You can complete check-in procedures for pets traveling with you at check-in counters. Ensure that your name, surname, address, telephone number, number of animals and the name of your pet or pets are all available on a label affixed to the cage or container. Also ensure that you are carrying medical reports and certificate of vaccination with ID details and any other necessary documentation. Please be reminded that transportation of pets is not included in baggage allowance and is subject to additional baggage fees.
If your pet does not exceed 8 kg (cage included) and the cage does not exceed 23 cm height x 30 cm width x 40 cm length, it can be carried in the cabin section of the aircraft. We also recommend you to carry your pets in specially produced soft case cages or bags.
We do not allow pregnant animals or cats and dogs under 10 weeks old onto our flights.
Full liability of passengers is assumed regarding compliance to health, safety, animal management, all conditions and permits mandated by governments, regulations, entry and exit permits, health certificates of countries plus restrictions of states, regions or relevant authorities. Requests for traveling with pets may be rejected at airport even if the related reservation is confirmed.
Cats and dogs or cats and birds are not allowed on the same plane, whether they are separated by cabins or not. Dogs and birds may be carried in different cabins or in the same cabin at the furthest distance possible.
For Full Information and Prices  for Turkish Airlines check here https://www.turkishairlines.com/en-int/any-questions/traveling-with-pets/

3. Ethiopian Airlines

  1. Pets (cats and dogs) as defined in current passenger tariffs, when in a container and accompanied by a passenger or shipped as Cargo, may be carried in cabin or baggage compartment.
  2. Ethiopian accepts Dog or Cat into the cabin with limited number per compartment(2 in Economy class  and 1 in  business class)with a box measuring dimensions not more than 55X40X20cms and does not exceed 8kgs including transport container.
  3. Dog or Cat contained in boxes larger than 55X40X20cms dimension, shall not be accepted in cabin and therefore shall be loaded in belly.
  4. Dogs trained to lead the seeing impaired (seeing-eye dogs), if accompanying a passenger who is dependent on the dog and if the dog is properly harnessed, and muzzled may be carried in the cabin on all Ethiopian Airlines passenger aircraft without charge. Such carriage is dependent on any local or governmental restrictions.
  5. Dogs trained to assist the deaf (hearing –ear dogs), if accompanying a passenger who is dependent on the dog and if the dog is properly harnessed, and muzzled may be carried in the cabin on all Ethiopian Airlines passenger aircraft without charge. Such carriage is dependent on any local or governmental restrictions and advance arrangements must be made before accepting hearing ear dog as PETC.
  6. Guide dogs and for blind and deaf that passengers depend on are transported free of charge on all Ethiopian flights and may also travel inside cabin. Please remember to notify us of your guide dog ahead of time

  B. Procedure on carriage of pets

Ethiopian shall accept pets in the cabin on all Ethiopian Q-400 aircrafts.

  1. Q-400 Aircraft Pets in containers accompanied by passenger or shipped as cargo may be carried in the baggage compartment(s).
  2. Advance arrangements are required for pets in containers accompanied by passenger or shipped as cargo.

  C. Booking Procedure

Detail of the type of pet and size of the container should be indicated during reservation.

  D. Condition of Carriage

  1. Governmental restrictions regarding pet carriage and acceptance vary from country to country. Please contact your nearest Ethiopian Airlines office or your travel agent.
  2. In the event passenger and pet are making interline connections, the applicable regulation of the interlining carrier should be checked.
  3. The charge for pet in cabin/baggage compartment will be at excess baggage rates in accordance with current applicable tariffs, regardless of weight of other baggage.
    Revised Pet Charges Effective for Sales and Travel-09JUl19  Until Further Notice
    For PET transported in Cabin with weight  up to 8Kg including the cage 120 EUR/110GBP/150 USD per direction( for one way)
    For PET transported in hold ( pets that are more than 8KG up to 32kg ) 370 USD per direction( for one way)
     For ET codeshare flights the operating carrier rules shall apply.
    From Germany the previous rate shall apply.
    PET that is more than 32 KG shall be transported as cargo per cargo procedure
  4. Owner assumes all risk for injury sickness or death of any pet accepted for transportation, and assumes responsibility for compliance with all governmental regulations and restrictions. Ethiopian will not be responsible in the event that any pet is refused carriage into or through, any state, country or territory.
To bring PET in Cabin to Norway.
Strictly Follow the rules as stated on the link
Click Here 
To import animal to Norway.
Strictly Follow the rules as stated on the link
Click Here



These pages are for informative purposes only and do not form a contract. As such, any information contained within this site is subject to change with or without notice. Ethiopian Airlines assumes no liability for these changes. Ethiopian also reserves the right to interpret and apply these policies and procedures. In each case, Ethiopian’s interpretations and applications shall be final and conclusive

  • American Airlines
  • Air Canada
  • Delta
  • Air India
  • Air France
  • Swiss International Airlines
  • Frontier Airlines
  • Aeroflot
  • TAP Air Portugal
  • SAS
  • KLM
  • Aer Lingus
  • Japan Airlines
  • Alitalia
  • Iberia

Make sure to Check in Early!

First come, first serve!

(Lufthansa.com – Please double check before Booking with a different Airline, as Changes might apply.)


There is a strict Limit of 3 Animals travelling on the same Flight with most Airlines, also Cats & Dogs are not allowed on the same Flight. So make sure you Check in with the Airline  early.

Your pet must be registered and confirmed for the flight by Lufthansa no later than 24 hours before departure (for emotional support dogs, the deadline is 48 hours before departure). As the allocation is limited, we recommend that you book your pet in early, preferably at the same time as you book your own flight. To do this, please contact your travel agency or the Lufthansa Service Center.

Online and mobile check-in 23 hours before departure is possible for all passengers travelling with animals.

The boarding pass must be picked up at the check-in counter at the airport.

Small Dogs as Carry On Luggage

Only smaller dogs and cats, who weigh no more than 8 kg including their transport container, may be transported under certain conditions as additional carry-on baggage in the passenger cabin. Larger dogs and cats and all other animal species, regardless of their weight and size, are not allowed in the cabin.

To enable you to take your pet with you into the cabin as carry-on baggage, we need your confirmation that the animal meets the stated requirements.
For this purpose, please present two copies of the fully completed and signed form at the check-in counter:

Transporting an animal in the passenger cabin

Transporting animals as excess baggage in the cargo hold

To make sure that your pet arrives safe and sound at your destination airport, on this page we provide you with all the essential information about transporting animals as excess baggage in special transport containers in the air-conditioned cargo hold.

Lufthansa strives to ensure the safety and welfare of all its passengers – and this also, of course, includes animals. For this reason, our guidelines are based on current animal protection regulations, on import and export provisions and on International Air Transport Association (IATA) regulations.

The general advice on transporting animals also applies

to the transport of animals as additional carry-on baggage in the cabin.

Assistance Dogs

Recognized assistance dogs, such as, for example, guide dogs and hearing dogs, can be transported in the cabin free of charge on all Lufthansa flights. On routes to and from the USA, emotional support dogs can also be transported free of charge.

We distinguish between:

  • Recognized assistance dogs (SVAN) such as, for example, guide dogs
  • Emotional support dogs (ESAN)

To enable you to take your pet with you into the cabin, we need your confirmation that the animal meets the stated requirements for travelling as a recognized assistance dog or emotional support dog. For this purpose, please present two copies of the fully completed and signed SVAN or ESAN form at the check-in counter.

More information about the carriage of assistance dogs


Fighting Dogs

Special regulations apply if you wish to take any breed of fighting dog with you when you fly.

More information about the carriage of fighting dog breeds

Snub-nosed Dogs

Dogs and cats belonging to snub-nosed breeds have anatomically restricted airways with the accompanying difficulty in breathing. For this reason, there are special instructions and rules for transporting these animals.

More information about the carriage of snub-nosed animals

Animals travelling unaccompanied

If you are unable to travel together with your pet, country regulations stipulate that animals must be transported by air freight, or you would like to transport an animal not listed on lufthansa.com, there is the option of having your animal transported as cargo. Varying prices apply to shipping animals as air freight (for example, with Lufthansa Cargo). For this, you need a carrier who specialises in transporting animals. You can find the contact details of one near you with the help of the animal freight forwarder search.

If you have any questions about this, the Lufthansa Cargo Service Center will be happy to help you further. It is contactable in Germany on tel. 0180 6 – 747 100 (calls cost €0.20 per min. from the German landline network; max. €0.60 per min. from mobile phone networks).


(Lufthansa.com – Please double check before Booking with a different Airline as minor Changes might apply.)

Please make sure that you find out about the import and export regulations applicable to your pet in your departure, transit and destination countries in plenty of time and before booking your flight. Such information is available from the relevant consulates, for example. Furthermore, Lufthansa reserves the right to apply even stricter regulations and to refuse the booking on certain routes (such as, for example, to the UK, Ireland, or Bangalore in India), if necessary, in order to exclude the animal from travel. Please also ask your vet about applicable animal welfare provisions for travelling with your pet. Obtain all the travel documentation required for your pet so that nothing stands in the way of your trip. Lufthansa also reserves the right to refuse to transport animals in the cargo hold if there are extreme weather conditions at the destination. This can happen at short notice or seasonally.

Please note: each passenger is allowed to take a maximum of two animals with them (in an approved transport container). Animals can be transported either in the cabin and/or in the cargo hold:

  • No more than two animals (dog or cat) in the cabin (in an approved transport container) or no more than two animals in the cargo hold (in one or two approved transport containers)
  • One animal (dog or cat) in the cabin (in an approved transport container) and one animal in the cargo hold (in an approved transport container)

Special rules apply to the carriage of assistance dogs. You can find further information on this here.


Off You Go 🙂

You’re all Set !

Wait ! Do you have the perfect Travel Bag or Container to transport Your Doggy Comfortably?

Here are my recommendations for the type of Travel Bags I personally used for Travelling

Do You have any Questions? 

Please feel free to leave Your Question below and I will answer as soon as I have landed 😉

Do You have Travel Experience with Your Doggy?

Please DO Share your own experience by commenting below- good or bad, I’d be happy to hear about it.

Enjoy Your Flight!

Snoop Doggy

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  1. Hello there,thanks alot for this awesome article it would be of great help to the public as it has been of help to me.i have always wanted to bring my dog on a plane with me anytime I traveled but I have alwayed been discouraged because I have no idea how to do so.but I think your article has given a platform to start off with

  2. I think I came to the right place. I’ve been wondering about bringing my doggo with me too. I always feel guilty and sorry everytime I leave him with a friend or with pet sitter which is costly, by the way.

    Thanks for giving me an idea on how to do it. My dog weighs more than 20 kg (44lbs) and he’s 6 mos old, he’s not that big compared to US or European standards, but he is, here in Korea. So if I bring him with me, he’ll be in cargo, right? So my question is, will he be sedated if let’s say, we’re travelling international? 

    1. Hi, I’m actually not a 100% sure if your Dog would be sedated, as I never flew cargo myself, but I believe so. I would definitely recommend for you to check with the Airline you are going to be using to make sure. greetings, Snoop

  3. Honestly I had no idea that an international Pet Passport was a thing and this is good information to know when traveling with a pet. Good point by Lufthansa to make sure that all airlines that you booking with allow for pets as being stranded with a dog at the airport would be terrible. I agree that Lufthansa is #1 when it comes to foggy transport as they are very transparent with their pricing. It’s good to know that Turkish Airlines and Ethiopian Airlines are pet-friendly airlines. I have been pre-planning a trip to Istanbul with some friends and one was concerned about leaving their dog behind, so I will definitely reference your post. Thanks for the excellent information!

    1. That shouldn’t be a problem at all, Turkish Airlines personnel are very friendly and I always enjoyed flying Turkish. greetings, Snoop

  4. I Must say that I have traveled alot and my pet dog as never traveled with me although i have always wanted to take him with me.although I haven’t thought of how to go about it..but I think I have gotten all the information I need to be able to take my pet with me.

  5. Hello, I really appreciate your time and effort on writing this guide on traveling with pets on a plane which I know can be a little confusing for some people because there’s so many things you need to arrange ahead of time.

    The way you laid it out is perfect and informative, I might go travel with my dog on Air Canada in a few months. Interesting that dogs and cats aren’t allowed to travel on the same flight, do you know why that is?

    1. Hi,yes that is to avoid the dog and cat fighting and disturbing the other passengers if dog and cat sense each other 🙂 have a great Trip, greetings

  6. Thanks a lot for sharing with us this amazing article.

    We have Bichon dog that we want to take with us in Egypt. The explanations given by you here and the procedures help us a lot. We will fly with Turkish Airlaines and we did not know how to proceed with this. We are very good from all points of view, our dog weighing only 4.8 kg. It is very useful information that the airline does not allow pregnant animals or cats and dogs under 10 weeks old.  It is very good to know.

    Thanks again for this explanation given. If you don’t mind, i will share this article on my social media accounts, All the best!

    1. Hi, I’m glad  I could help you with this Article my Friend and wish you a great time in Egypt. I was always very happy with Turkish Airlines and am sure you will be too. greetings and you’re most welcome to share this Article with your Family and Friends on social media, thank you!

  7. Hello, I really want to appreciate your effort in putting together this website and writing this article. I have not been on a flight with my pet before. I almost did that one time but I changed my mind. The insight I have gotten from this article of yours is awesome. And I will study it again so I can plan a journey with my dog. It will be much fun

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