“Looking for some cute Christmas outfits for your beloved doggy?

Well, look no further! Your friend Snoop got you covered!

I spent some time online to find and select the cutest outfits for you to amaze your humans with this Christmas, they could also be great gift ideas for your furry friends or neighbors.

Another nice idea:

You could take adorable portraits or family pictures and send them to friends and family as gift or greeting cards.

I personally prefer to shop from Amazon when shopping online because of their amazing offers and fast delivery. Below you’ll find my favorite Christmas outfits for dogs available on Amazon.”

The other day, me and my big homie Chico, were chilling in the Park on a nice and sunny day. You know, just taking care of business as usual; expanding and marking our territories around the city.

Chico (left) and Me Chilling at the Park

As we were strolling down the sidewalk along the shops and Restaurants we noticed Christmas decorations popping up everywhere. It reminded me of the upcoming holiday season and got me all excited about it. Chico noticed my excitement and asked me what I want for Christmas this year. I was surprised, I hadn’t even thought about Christmas until I saw those decorations starting to pop up everywhere. Having spent the last four years in Africa, not celebrating Christmas as in the US or in Europe, I had almost forgotten about it!

The cute little yellow Raincoat I was thinking of buying in my last Post came to my mind 🙂

I hope Chico is getting it for me!

I remembered all the delicious foods and amounts of leftovers I used to score around Christmas time. Personally I don’t really know what it’s all about but I always sense a great mood change among humans around Xmas and new years.


Do dogs celebrate Xmas too?

I was discussing this question with all my four legged friends but none of them really seems to know what it’s about, only that it’s someones birthday and there’s great food to feast on that time of the year. My conclusion to this question: Not really! We celebrate the fact you are celebrating so it’s basically a win-win kind of Occasion. 😉

We all agreed on disliking New Years Eve because of all the loud Fireworks and drunk people around. I hate it! I always cuddle up somewhere under the Bed or some other safe place until the war is over.

Xmas Outfits for dogs – cute or just stupid ?

My answer: A bit of both!

Being a Jackshund for eleven years now (Jack Russell Terrier Dachshund Mix), I have mastered the Art of persuading humans to give me whatever I want, just by looking cute! Of course I don’t need an outfit to get what I want, all it takes is to look at them with my big brown eyes and it’s done!

it goes a little something like this 😉

My advice in this case is short and simple: the cuter you look, the more snacks you get!

“So dress up bitches!” 😉 this works for both, male or female dogs

This technique works for me every day of the year !

…but around Christmas, you’ll reek in so many snacks you’ll run out of stash spots and hiding places!

Santas’ little helper dog

There are plenty of cute outfits for small dogs, actually for all dogs, out there! Just gotta sniff them out!

That’s exactly what I did, so your human doesn’t have to spend all your precious “play and cuddle time” looking through tens of thousands of outfits to find the perfect one for you.

The list of available dog products online is endless. There are so many qualities and prices to choose from, you could spend days searching for the right size, color or cheaper price. Available costumes for dogs reach from Mail or Pizza delivery man to Spiderman, Cowboy,Musician and Cheerleader outfits to Football, Baseball, Basketball and Hockey Jerseys representing almost every team playing (BTW. Football season is another great opportunity to gather and stack up snacks for drought season) 😉

You can find all types of Jackets coats Bandanas, Hats, even tiny little UGG Boots if you wish to check out my selection.

I already did all the sniffing and snooping to find the best Dog Apparel and Accessories on the net for you. It’s my pleasure;)

I also found and selected some Christmas outfits for small dogs, for you to look real cute in, and make great gift and greeting cards for your human friends and family.

I picked out various adorable, cute and funny outfits and costumes for you below.

Best Xmas outfits for small dogs

Here are my special picks from all the cute Christmas outfits for dogs, enjoy!

Just click on the desired product image and it will take you directly to Amazon for Prices, Sizes and further Information!                                        Have fun shopping!


Click on images to get redirected to your local Amazon website for product details and purchase


Click on images to get redirected to your local Amazon website for product details and purchase


Dress to Impress…

I’m sure you’ll find something you like here, so you can impress your humans and take great family pictures which can make unique, memorable greeting cards as well. Get plenty of presents and delicious Christmas Dinner leftovers this year!

If you have any Suggestions or Questions, leave a comment below and I’ll reply in a whiff. Woof.

Wishing you, your friends and family all the best and a wonderful, peaceful holiday season !

Merry Christmas and a very happy, healthy and successful New Year!

Much Love and Respect

Snoop Doggy

5 thoughts on “Cute Christmas Outfits for Dogs

  1. Hello Snoop Doggy, thanks for sharing your inspiration to your fellow hooman. I love your preference for cute Christmas outfits. Me and my cousin’s cubs will super like those outfits, because they are super adorable! I’ll make sure our cubs will impress everyone in the street and mall with these outfits choice. Time to go shopping!

    1. Hey Alblue, I’m very glad you like my selection and hopefully found something for your pups to shine this Christmas. Wishing you, your dogs and your family a gerat holiday season and a happy new year!

  2. Hello Snoop Doggy!

    I just came over Your article, and I find Your Christmas fits for dogs quite nice and creative.

    Also, the “So dress up bitches!” said about dogs is cool!

    Speaking of Africa and not celebrating Christmas there… well, we also know some places where Christmas can be celebrated with an unusual weather, having sunny beaches around and going for walks under the light of a hot summer sun: in Southern Australia!

    And since we may consider the beautiful Christmas outfits You showed as being a form of presents for dogs, another idea of Christmas present for them would be a trip to those Australian beaches… with the downside that wearing the outfits out there would surely be too warm for dogs in summer!

    Good luck with keeping up the outfit work, especially if the pieces are hand-made by You, and enjoy the time spent with the doggies!


  3. Hey thank you for the awesome post!! I have a small jack russell, and I see several cute outfits for her on here!  I really like the reindeer!  Also, I like what you said about dogs probably not knowing about Christmas, however, they will know that there is yummy food and a celebration!  Dogs love social events with their pack!

  4. Can you believe it that Christmas is right around the corner again?! Rockefeller Center will put up the tree and and tree lighting ceremony will happen again in a couple of weeks. Which means I am frantically starting to buy gifts for my loved ones. And you deserve to celebrate Christmas too Snoop. It is a holiday season that brings family together so you should express yourself. The rudolf one is super cute. Now I know what to dress Shiro for the holiday. 🙂

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