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Welcome to another informative Episode of Snoops Facts Check regarding Traveling with your Pet and how to take a Dog on a Plane. After my last Article we have already discussed the Question “Can Dogs Fly Airplanes?”

They sure can and I do so quite frequently.

I am actually flying to Amsterdam and the to Valencia next week so I am already starting to get excited. I love flying a lot and traveling to other countries is definitely one of my favorite things to do.Can Dogs Fly Airplanes

Someone is even planning on launching the first Pet only Airline as we speak.

Todays Topic:

Airline Approved Pet Carriers

Cabin Friendly Travel Bags for Dogs.

I am going to Cover following Questions within this Article

  • What are the airlines requirements for Pet Carriers in the Cabin?
  • Cage, Container or Bag – which one is better?
  • Doggy Dos and Doggy Don’ts on a Plane
  • Checklist for boarding a Plane with Your Dog
  • my personal Experience on international Flights

General Requirements for Pet Carriers

Note: These Terms are general and mainly based on Lufthansa requirements, as it’s one of my preferred  Airlines of those that allow Pets in Cabin and is covering the majority of Destinations around the Globe.

Exact details such as required size and weight of Carry On Luggage may slightly vary from Airline to Airline.

For further detailed Requirements of other major Pet in Cabin friendly Airlines  (check here)

Basically general Hand Luggage Rules apply to Pet Carriers as well:

  • Weight: Pet & Container in total are not to exceed 8Kg
  • Size: Maximum measurements for Carry On Luggage apply   Max. 55 x 40 x 23 cm / 22 x 16 x 9 inches

In addition to the above  you will be charged the regular fees for additional Carry On Luggage which is around $60 for domestic flights and up to $130 for long distance international flights. Prices vary according to your destination and flight distance. You can find detailed Pricing Charts of Major Pet friendly Airlines (right here)

Important Things to keep in Mind

The Airline is not obligated or responsible to check if You or your Dog have all required documents, vaccines etc. to enter your destinations or even Transit countries. It is your responsibility to make sure you check and fulfill all requirements for flying with your pet and entering desired country.

Very important to note is that the fee for additional Carry On Luggage can only be paid at Check in, earliest within 24 Hours before Regular Check in Time and latest one hour before Check in.

First come first Fly!

Make sure to Call your Travel Agent or Airlines Booking Service to make reservations for your Doggy immediately after booking your flight.

Only three animals are allowed in Cabin per Flight and Dogs are not allowed in Cabin if a Cat or Bird is booked on the same flight.

Usually the fee has to be paid at a different counter or office at the Airport, so be prepared to be running back and forth a little bit within the Airport.

I can only recommend to be there at least an hour earlier than you usually would. If not it might get hectic.

Now that we got the Rules and Regulations down, let’s see which Container is best for your Doggy on Flight

The Container you carry your Pet in should be,

  1. Light Weight – you will most likely have to store your Doggy in your foot room between seats
  2. Big enough for your Dog to comfortably snuggle up and enjoy the Flight
  3. Leak Proof – in case of any accidents or flight sickness
  4. sufficiently Ventilated – make sure your Dog gets enough air to breath normal
  5. Window Space – your Doggy will be much more relaxed when it can see you and where it’s going
  6. Escape Proof – Make sure Doggy doesn’t escape during the Flight and cause discomfort to others

Pet Container Types


My personal recommendation and what I use to Fly around the Globe during my Snoopventures are Doggy Travel Bags. They come in all shapes and sizes and some include various accessories such as extra pockets and storage space for Doggy Treats and more.

They are the lightest in weight, very flexible and easy for you to carry on Board of the Aircraft and store between your feet between seats. They usually have mesh on the sides and a zip up cover.

Your Doggy can comfortably stretch out and truly enjoy the Flight.

Prices for Doggy travel Bags start from as low as $20 for low quality Bags.

A good Quality Product will cost you anything between $50 and $250.

If your Doggy is not a frequent Flyer a $30 Bag will do just fine. Just make sure it has a leak proof coating inside and enough air and light can enter and you’re good to go.


Cages are the Safest for your Dog and will last a lifetime or longer. On the downside they are big, heavy and sturdy. They take up the most Space and usually are higher priced than Bags or simple Dog Cases.

Cages are only recommended if your Dog is hyperactive or aggressive.

Prices for Dog Cages vary by Size starting at around $50


Doggy Cases are usually available and suitable for very small Dogs like Chihuahuas or Puppies up to 3 or 4 Kg.

Doggy Cases are available in various cute fashionable designs and let you travel with your Doggy in Style.

Prices vary according to Quality, Size and Brand starting at about $60. Sky is the Limit. Big High Class Fashion Brands such as Louis Vuitton and Gucci also have Dog Cases in their Product List. Prices are accordingly.


Pre-Flight Checklist

Things to consider before  Boarding and on Plane with your Dog

  1. Reduce Food the Day before long distance Flights
  2. Take a good long walk before Check In (take care of business)
  3. Don’t give your Dog Water at least 4 hours before check in, you can give it some again on the Plane
  4. Give your Doggy some Treats during the Flight
  5. Make sure your Doggy is comfortable and warm
  6. Put some cardboard or newspaper in the bottom of the Bag and top it off with a nice blanket.
  7. Bring along Doggies favorite Toy for in flight entertainment and piece of Mind


That’s about it ! All for me is left to wish you a nice Flight and safe journey with your Doggy.

Have Flight experiences you would like to share or any Questions or Comments on the Topic?

Feel free to leave your two cents below and I will do my best to reply as soon as possible.

Much Love & Respect

Snoop Doggy

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