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I just have to tell you about my latest craze for these Duck Strips…if you ask me, this is one of the best treats for Dogs by far!

Not only is it a very healthy Snack for your Dog, but it’s incredibly delicious and one of the best healthy snacks dogs could wish for! I can’t remember going crazy for a certain Snack like this ever before, this one here is truly special and gets me so excited, I just wanna start dancing, (see the short video below if you want to see me dance)

I’ve munched through a great variety of Doggy Snacks and Dog Foods in my 11 years.

Being a very lively and playful  Jack Russell Terrier/Dachshund cross breed aka Jackshund,                                          you can imagine Snacks are my greatest joy in life, next to hunting,playing and sleeping of Course.

From all the different Snacks and Foods I’ve eaten in my life i love fresh meat cooked or Raw with nice bones to munch on most, but living in Europe again those are very rare to get.

Living in East Africa for the past 4 years I was lucky enough to feast on freshly slaughtered meat and bones almost daily and didn’t really miss these packed and canned foods at all.

Until I came across these delicious smoked duck strips, that got me hooked immediately…they’re just too delicious !

Every Time I just see the packet, I already start dancing and jumping around losing my mind, check the video

I’ll go HAM for that Duck!

But you can also get these in lots of different highly delicious  flavors as…




As you can see I’m not the only one loving these Vitakraft Snacks.

The Company is based in Germany, and is TOP BRAND in Germany and Europe for the past six years.

Vitakraft Doggy Snacks

  • Top Quality made in Germany
  • All recipes are nutritionally balanced 

  • Delicious & great Variety 

  • With extra high meat content 

  • Functional, grain-free and hypoallergenic snacks 

  • To train, motivate and reward 

  • Practically, also when on the road

Surprise Your Dog with a healthy Treat, these Vitakraft Duck Strips are my                                                #1 Recommendation. Get Yours right here on Amazon: (click here)

All in all a great product and as mention a couple of times before, my absolute favorite!

I think this product and my video basically says it all and there’s no further explanation needed.

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As usual I will be happy to respond to your comments or questions which you are welcome to drop below.

I’m sure your Doggy will love these Snacks as much as I do!

much Love & Respect





8 thoughts on “The Best Treats for Dogs – Pure Duck Strips

  1. Hey Snoop,

    As a fellow animal lover and a pet owner, I can say that this post is an excellent way to show love to dogs! When I checked Vitakraft Doggy Snacks on amazon, I noticed that many people love it, and dogs seem to like this kind of food!

    There are so many different types of food for our beloved dogs to choose and enjoy their day eating it. With this many different products, our dogs nowadays have the privilege to choose what they desire. The good part also, the prices are not that expensive as before. Also, there is healthy food for dogs and exceptional food for dogs with special cases and diseases, which is fantastic to ease our dogs’ pain and make their life easier and better.

    We must make sure our dogs have the best food and good quality of life as well as the best toys to keep them happy at all times!



  2. I am thrilled to stumble across your article about the best food for Jack Russells. As I have a Jack Russell Terrier and a Bulldog who seem to be tired of their normal dog treats.  I am going to give Vitakraft Snacks a try as I want them to have something that is both yummy and good for them.  Thank you for helping me make a decision on a good quality dog treat for my pups.

  3. Thank you, Snoop, for this excellent review.  I’m sure that my dog (even though he’s a BIG dog) by the name of Marley would absolutely love these treats as well.  Anything that is or tastes like real meat has him doing tricks.  He isn’t quite as cute as you are but has his own beauty and I love to give him treats for his good behavior.  I’ll be checking these treats out for him!

    1. Hi, I’m glad you and Marley consider these snacks, these are Real meat without any Artificial Ingredients or Stabilizers, It’s basically Duck Jerky for Dogs of all size and Apetite!greetings to Marley, Woof Wooof!

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