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I hope you enjoyed the Holidays and found what to buy your dog for Christmas. 🙂

I know you probably can’t believe it but I have actually found a Snack that can seriously compete with my beloved Duck Strips by Vitakraft, I introduced you to, in my last Review (read about it)

Let’s get to my new favorite Snack for Dogs, I’m sure your Dog will love and go crazy about, just as much as I do!

Check my Videos how I go wild for my personal top two best dog snacks below and see what I’m talking about.

It’s made from 100% pure Chicken Breast and tastes so delicious and I would definitely place it among the first 5 of my TOP 10 best snacks for dogs list.

Here are some facts to the Product and the Company producing it:

 Pure Chicken Strips by Rinti

  • 100% chicken fillet in the meat content.
  • Low fat – easily digestible
  • High in Protein
  • No meat meal – no soy – gently air-dried.
  • Made in Germany

500g  €7,99

Prepared exclusively from 100% fresh chicken breast fillets, gently air-dried, without meat meal, without soy (vegetable protein extracts), especially tasty, very easily digestible – Rinti Extra Chicko chicken mega pack with the real meat guarantee. These snacks are gently air dried and then sterilized.

In the resealable pouch, the product stays fresh for a long time. After opening, please store in a cool and dry place. Use within a week of opening. The “Oxygen Absorber”” contained in the bag protects the freshness of the product and is not suitable for consumption. Rinti Extra Chicko chicken mega pack – preparation from 100% fresh chicken breast fillet without meat meal or soy (vegetable protein extracts), gently air dried, especially delicious, very easily digestible, resealable bag. Analysis:crude protein.


As you can tell by the Reviews, it’s loved by many other Dogs as well!

Not for Nothing, it is Best Selling Product on Amazon in Dog Snacks.


read about it here (ZooRoyal)

You can read the review about them here (Vitakraft)

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