When Summer is over and temperatures are dropping it can be quite annoying to be a Dog,..let me tell you People.

You might be thinking: “Why in the world would I buy a yellow Raincoat for a small Dog?”

Well, let me help you understand the situation here: Imagine you’re relaxing on the couch, it’s cold and rainy outside so you’re very comfortable being inside watching TV or whatever and suddenly you feel the urge to use the Restroom.

No Problem, right?

Good for you!

– now imagine you’re a Dog like us who has to actually go outside into cold and wet just to relief yourself of some water.

…let me give you a second or two to imagine it real good ! 😉

Now tell me, …if you as a human were to be in that same situation and had to go outside into cold Hell to relief yourself,

and let’s say you’re real hairy too, …wouldn’t you prefer having an umbrella or at least a coat to keep you dry and clean?

Of course, you would! …well, same here!

There are many types of Coats, Jackets and lots and lots of other nice Apparel for doggies out there.

I will need a nice warm and waterproof coat myself for this winter, since I seem to be spending it in Germany where it can get very, VERY cold and frosty at times.

So I was snooping around the internet for something nice but also affordable which can last me for at least two or three more years and rains to come.

Now I’m stuck making a decision between my two favorites:

#1 An all time classic, the yellow Raincoat 🙂





Just Imagine how cute I would look 😉 I totally love it ! …don’t you?

What makes decisions even worse both of them are also available in various colors !

I want all of them !

A Red Raincoat for a dog

Oh! What should I do?


All five of them would look so good on me and since I’m not living in a Gang Area, I can wear all the colors I want;)

OK let me show you my second choice, it should probably be my first choice but I’m already in love with the yellow Raincoat.

And the customer ratings are also great!  308 customers gave it 4,5 out of 5 stars!

  • ✔️ DOUBLE LAYERED DESIGN – Double layered zip up raincoat with additional buttons makes putting this coat on easy as well as adjustable and stylish.
  • ✔️ WATER RESISTANT – Completely water resistant and will keep your dog safe and dry in all weather conditions.
  • ✔️ MULTIPLE POCKET DESIGN – Our dog raincoats comes with multiple buttoned pockets for easy storage of small items and also includes a removable hoodie.
  • ✔️ HARNESS & ADJUSTABLE FRIENDLY – Contains a small opening on the upper back of the rain jacket for harness users. Made adjustable to fit any dog breed
  • ✔️ QUALITY INSPECTED – Are you worried about ordering products from China? Our products have been inspected by a reputable third party for quality assurance. No compromise on material and quality.

Here’s the Manufacturers’ Product Information

Yellow Rainy Day Dog Raincoat | with Inner Blue Striped Lining

by Ellie Dog Wear

Whether you want to keep your dog dry during monsoon season or you’d like to give Fido something stylish to wear then stay warm and trendy with our signature Rainy Day Raincoat now redesigned for maximum visibility, premium waterproof outer shell, and a warm lining for insulation.

Our design specialist took the very best of todays stylish outerwear and designed them to fit comfortably on your dog so they can stay warm and look their best at all times.

Our products were designed to protect your dog from the elements. Water resistant, snow friendly, and insulted enough to keep even the short haired dogs happy in the cold.

Each one of our products are quality tested by a reputable third party for quality testing to maintain the best knitting and crafting without compromise on material and quality.

For the most accurate sizing for your dog, please be sure to measure your dog and compare it with our sizing chart below.

– XS: 11.0″ neck | 18.0″ chest | 10.0″ back
– S: 12.0″ neck | 20.5″ chest | 12.0″ back
– M: 13.0″ neck | 24.5″ chest | 16.0″ back
– L: 15.0″ neck | 30.5″ chest | 20.0″ back
– XL: 17.5″ neck | 35.0″ chest | 22.5″ back
– XXL: 19.6″ neck | 43.5″ chest | 26.0″ back
**Please note that the raincoat runs snug since the material made is not stretchy. Medium & larger dog breeds should add up to two inches for the chest measurements when picking their size to prevent the raincoat from being too tight.


We have your dogs comfort in mind. Each product is fully adjustable to fit your dogs needs and is perfectly insulated to keep them warm even in the roughest climates.


Each pocket has a durable button that allows your dog to keep small objects with them while you are out. Keep your treats, small toys, or even your keys with them!


We give you the option to keep the hoodie on or off with our removable button on hoodie.

Sounds Real good, right? It’s quite pricey compared to the other one…

It comes in all sizes from xs all the way up to XXL

this yellow timeless piece of Fashion is going for $ 49,99 for the xs size and  $ 54,99 for the XXL version.

#2 this beautiful and warm beige winter jacket


I think,now you can relate to my pain of having to decide for one of them…

Let me tell you a little secret, that cute guy in the pic wearing that beige jacket looks just like my baby daddy!

Which makes that jacket even more attractive to me 😉

Well, …let’s check the facts and Reviews,…obviously both Jackets are of high quality and both have great

customer ratings on Amazon:


PetBoBo down jacket is perfect for protecting your pup from a cold weather.
These clothes are the perfect size to all Large medium and small dogs and cats.
Notes:Please allow little difference in size measurement or color due to different measurement tool or light environment.
Size Chart(inches)
XS Back 9.4, Chest 12.2, Check 9.8
S Back 10.6, Chest 14.9, Check 11.8
M Back 11.8, Chest 15.7, Check 13.3
L Back 12.9, Chest 18.8, Check 14.9
XL Back 14.1, Chest 19.6, Check 16.5
Size Chart(cm)
XS Back 24cm, Chest 31cm, Length25cm
S Back 27cm, Chest 38cm, Length30cm
M Back 30cm, Chest 40cm, Length34cm
L Back 33cm, Chest 48cm, Length38cm
XL Back 36cm, Chest 50cm, Length42cm

So my dear friends! What do you think?

I hope my Review was somewhat helpful to make your decision,I’m probably going for the beige PetBobo Jacket

because it’s nice and warm and half the Price.

I have picked out a couple more nice pieces here you could take a peek at if interested.

If I can get my Paws on some extra money I will definitely come back and pick up my yellow Rain Coat as well;)

All this thinking got me hungry, let me go grab a bite,…see ya !

Love, Snoop

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